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Term 1 starts on Saturday 24th September.

Hi Everyone,
We are delighted to welcome you back to our New School Year, and to welcome new students to NPAS. The Factory is still undergoing it’s makeover and as you will see the building is flying along. We are so happy to be back in The Lir Academy again this year, and St. Matthews NS in Sandymount Saturday classes. We have NPAS Clubs in Castleknock, Hollypark National School & Ballyfermot. Full information is available at our website. There are so many fantastic plans for The Factory as a new Cultural Centre and we are so excited to share them with you all over the coming months.
We can’t wait to see you all for Term 1 – running from Saturday the 24th of September to 10th December.
Kindest Regards
Jill & Eamon

Why Do Drama Class?
Speech, Drama and Communication activities contribute to the personal, social, intellectual and creative development of children, young people and adults by opening avenues for the appreciation of Drama, Literature and poetry. This provides a structured framework for creative expression and gives technical support and guidance for improved skills in communication. Taking Drama Class help to develop skills in working collaboratively with others, enhancing general communication skills and clarity, non-verbal communication,creative thinking, building confidence in ones abilities and enhancing self expression and self esteem.

NPAS and School Examinations
The importance of keeping up your hobbies during exam years, whether for Junior Cert. or Leaving Cert cannot be overstated. At NPAS we firmly believe in everything that all the studies say – children and young people who continue to enjoy their extracurricular hobbies do better in their exams, and are happier in the process! NPAS can remain a key part of your exam year, benefitting your all the way to June!

Certificates and NPAS Exam Results
Exam Results and Certificates will be given out in Class on the first day of Term.
After that they will be available from Reception. Well done to everyone!

Olympia Show Auditions

Dance Auditions Workshop will be on Nov 19th with Auditions on Nov 26th. Auditions for Lead Roles will be in January. Rehearsals with leads will be in February. Show Dates are  20th and 21st of May.

Lir Registration Day

On Saturday the 17th September we will have a Registration Day at The Lir. You can come in and have us set up your account, tell you about the school and book your classes. We will be in The Lir from 11am – 4pm on the day 🙂

NPAS Agency

This years Agency Photoshoot will be at The Lir Academy.
You will be able to register online for your time, or call the office or book at reception. Click below for more information about our Agency.

NPAS Weddings!

This Summer we were lucky enough to attend two incredible weddings of two of our past pupils and present day Teachers. Clodagh married Tim & Sinead (who became engaged on the Olympia Stage!) married Mick. We wish them all Long Life and Happiness Forever.

You can now book your classes online too!

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