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Ballet Classes Dublin

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Our Ballet School in Dublin  forms the backbone of everything we do at The National Performing Arts School. We opened the Ballet School with our Head of Ballet Marian Lennon almost 24 years ago. Since then it has grown to become one of Dublin’s Best Royal Academy of Dancing schools for children and young  people. Students at our school can start taking ballet classes Dublin at 3 years of Age in our creative ballet class. They can then move on at 4 years of age to our Pre-School classes. At 6 years of age students start into the Grade System which is the Examination structure within the Royal Academy. Examiners come over from RAD Headquarters in The UK to examine students through Pre-Primary Class up to Grade 8.


Ballet remains the most important class and the language which must be learned to follow a career in Dance. Whether someone wants to be a Hip Hop Dancer or a Contemporary Dancer Ballet is essential.  Not only does it provide students with a dance vocabulary but it also develops physical strength, poise and elegance especially. Your child will not only learn ballet itself but discipline. Ballet classes Dublin teach you technique and structure that can be carried into all styles of dance not just ballet itself. The level of flexibility used in some grades requires a level of strength that is quite remarkable.  The mindfulness when you are taking a graded exam is very extreme because you are so busy learning your pieces and your preparing your body for the “pointe” grades which require a high levels of strength, concentration and commitment.


Grades 1-4 do not require “pointe” work but simply prepare you for “pointe” work by teaching you the genral knowledge, technique and strength needed for later grades and any other styles of dance. They are essentially the foundation for “pointe” grades.  Though there is a lot of work involved but it does pay off.

Grades 5-8  do require “pointe” this is possibly the hardest and most challenging part about ballet as it requires hard work both physically and mentally. It requires a level of concentation and effort that you build up from grades 1-4 to use in these “pointe” grades.


Ballet classes Dublin involve an understanding of rhythm and music. You use your musical ear by teaching your body to dance to a set type of music. To look graceful on stage you must comprehend the concept of rhythm and beats. As you dance more you will notice your posture getting better and appearing more graceful doing everyday tasks. You learn the rich and interesting history that is the back bone of ballet as a dance style. The technique and style used in ballet has changed massively since the beginning , as it begin in the 15th century in Italy. By taking classes in ballet you also learn some French as ballet terminology is spoken in that language. Ballet seems very soft and mallow and it looks effortless but the training and preparation for examinations & performances is complex and requires immense strength and concentration . Ballet dancers also stand out highly in auditions as many auditions for dance troupes and performances start with “barre” work  as it shows you know the basics of ballet and you know the basics of dance itself as a whole as ballet is the base for most styles such as contemporary and jazz. This style of dance is hard work but arguably the most difficult style to master, it is also the most magical and moving to the general public eye. These are elite athletes doing spectacular movement and making it look so effortless and beautiful, you just need to let yourself be swept away by the beauty, romance, tradition and movement to the music. Ballet Classes Dublin at NPAS are for everyone. They are an exciting part of our school which we are very proud of. The benefits of our ballet classes will remain with with you for life!