Benefits of Summer Camp

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The Benefits of Summer Camp!


The NPAS summer camp is a great way for your kids to get a taster for the

different classes that NPAS has to offer. The benefits of summer camp allows all the kids to

get to know each other and become more confident in a fun and creative

environment. If your kids do the summer camp then they’ll go into the classes in

September knowing everyone!


We will be doing our fantastic performing arts summer camp which is

packed full of dance, drama and musical theatre fun! The kids will learn lots of

new performing skills in the camp. The Performing Arts summer camp is on from

the 17 th to the 21 st of July and the 24th to the 28th of July. The kids will be put in

with kids their own age so they will make lifetime friends that are interested in

the same hobbies as them. They will be so busy in the fun packed summer camp

that they will have no time to be bored!


There will be many different styles of dance on offer during the camps such as

Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporay and Ballet. The Summer camp lets the kids try out

these styles of dance and see if they want to participate in the full time classes

from September to May. Ballet is a good choice to learn technique for all dance

styles and the discipline needed to dance professional. Jazz is fun and lets your kid

really show off their jumps, kicks and turns. Hip-Hop is super energetic and a

fabulous style of dance for the kids that can’t keep still! Contemporary is a

beautiful style of dance that lets the dancer really feel the music in their bodies.

In the summer camp your kids will have the pleasure of trying all these styles of

dance plus drama, singing and musical theatre!