Performing Art Classes for ages 7 to 18

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Performing Art Classes for ages 7 to 18 years

Continuing on from a blog about classes for toddlers and under 7’s we now go on to
discussing Performing Art Classes for ages 7 to 18, a time when kids and teenagers really come into
their own and have a feeling about who they want to be.

Classes for ages 7 to 18

As children get slightly older we offer a greater choice in the classes that are
available to them. We generally divide classes into 7-11 years and 12-18 years,
but this can change slightly depending on the class and the venue you are
attending. Musical Theatre, Drama, Ballet, Tap Dance, Jazz Dance, Hip Hop,
Contemporary Dance, Film Production and Singing are some of the classes we
offer to these age groups.

Classes in Musical Theatre and Drama are available in our Castleknock Centre,
with classes in Hip Hop and Contemporary and Musical Theatre available at our
Centre in Loreto Dalkeys fabulous new Hall. Please make sure to check the
timetable as all classes are not available in all venues. The benefits of your
children taking classes with us are huge.

2017 Stage Production, Classes for ages 7 to 18

A boost in confidence is one of the first signs of the NPAS effect on our students.
Parents are often surprised and sometimes even shocked with how much our school can
benefit a young person in their ability to be comfortable in situations they may never
have felt comfortable in before.

From public speaking to performing on stage, our students gain a feeling of self-assuredness
from their time with us. We have always realised and emphasised the fitness benefits in
taking Dance class. Whether it be Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Tap Dance or Hip Hop,
all of these classes benefit students in co-ordination, endurance, cardio vascular
and general fitness levels.

classes for ages 7 to 18

An ability to dance, and to work and move with rhythm, is a great gift for life
and it is a gift you are giving your children by sending them to our

All we do at the National Performing Arts School is Teach. It is our
passion and our sole purpose. We hope that you will come and take class with us
and that you see the difference that NPAS can make in your children’s lives. All classes
are available to book online. NPAS – Be Who You Want to Be!!