Theatre Workshop




The NPAS Theatre Workshop will focus on further developing students’ theatre-making and performance skills, that have been built on in their drama classes. This will be achieved through a weekly two hour workshop, and will culminate in a Theatre Production which will be produced by the class and teachers at the end of Term 3.
The two hour workshop will provide the students with the best room for growth and development. It will mean we that the focus each week will be on warming up their bodies and imaginations and doing deep exploratory work on a given theme / skill with drama exercises for the first hour. In the second hour we would apply all this discovery and playfulness to creating pieces; reflecting on the process of theatre-making, being able to try the pieces in different ways with feedback from the teacher, and the group. Workshops will include training in ensemble skills, performance skills, devising, directing, playwriting, design, movement, improvisation, text work, voice, site-specific theatre, documentary theatre.


SEO Dublin