Drama Classes for toddlers

Drama Classes for Toddlers. What can they teach to your child?

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Drama classes for toddlers, young children and teenagers are so important to us at The National Performing Arts School. Due to the prevalence of Television in our lives, Drama, Acting and Performance are a daily viewing side effect of what we watch. After all Soap Operas like Eastenders and Coronation Street are prefect examples of Dramatic Re enactments of everyday life, albeit  slightly more ‘Dramatic’! So, children and young people tend to want to be involved in what is going on on Television, in pretend and in dress up. Many many Children and Toddlers end up asking their parents and loved ones to get them involved with their local drama teachers and theatre companies. Some parents may be left scratching their heads as to what benefits drama has to offer their children. Studies have shown that drama education has much much more to offer to the lives of young people than just the dream of becoming a famous actor. In fact, at our school this is the least motivating of all possible outcomes! Some young people and Children will get experience working on movie sets and making TV shows as a side affect of their time with us, but the following are the real reasons we believe your children should be involved in Drama Class for toddlers at NPAS. Taking theatre classes and participating in plays can help your child succeed in multiple areas of their lives. Physical development, artistic development, mental development, personal development and social development are all areas in which can benefit from drama education. There are also some valuable life lessons and skills to be learned not only in Drama Classes for toddlers but also drama classes for any age!


The Importance of Confidence, it’s ability to make you face life’s challenges with assurance and the ease it gives you in yourself is a primary benefit of Toddlers and older children’s acting and drama classes. When you get your child involved in acting classes, they will, over time, develop confidence and courage to fully participate, or even excel in other areas of their life. Drama classes for toddlers push the boundaries of personal comfort, showing children that they are capable of overcoming the most intimidating of obstacles. You may see your child transform from a quiet, timid individual to someone who is bold and ready to take on the world’s challenges. Drama classes for toddlers are a great way to get your child out of their comfort zone and show them that they are capable of doing anything the want with their lives. This takes time and that must be remembered. As with all the benefits of doing something worthwhile it takes commitment, time and dedication.

Speaking in Public is an Important Life Skill

It is said that public speaking is the number one fear of many people. Something which appears so easy to so many others can cause such a huge amount of fear and anxiety in so many. Being afraid to speak in public can be debilitating and can hold back both personal and professional life. It is important that this does not become an issue for your child and that your loved one acquires the skills to become a comfortable and accomplisher public speaker.. The sooner your child is shown that public speaking is not so scary after all the better. One of the best ways to provide your child with this critical life lesson is to enroll them in drama activities. Through drama, they will learn to be confident, talented individuals who think nothing of speaking in public and representing themselves in every situation without a thought to nerves, anxiety or discomfort. They will learn this skill through classes at The National Performing Arts School.

Team Players – how to work with others

So many people find it difficult to work well with others. This may seem strange as we have to live with other people all our lives, but when it comes to team building and group responsibility we often see people fall at the first hurdle. From the time children are any kind of school, they are expected  to accomplish group projects, yet some lack the experience to get this work done properly. Drama class is an incredible way to provide your child with the gift of working well with others. Depending on someone on stage when you are performing in front of your peers and an audience is an amazing way to develop in children and young people the ability to work together. Depending on each other for help, support and completion of a project is a life lesson so well learned in Drama Class. Everyone in your class, including the teacher, is on your side and is working towards a final goal. In our school that goal is usually The Olympia Theatre end of year show, but even with short one of improvisations we require team work and a goal to achieve.


Toddlers, children and Young People who participate in Drama Class with us are used to following time keeping rules, and, when coming up to a show, rehearsal schedules and  theatre schedules. This responsibility, the necessity to be on time as others depend on you, is great training for life. It also instills in our students a self discipline not found in many other activities.


All in all, Drama classes for Toddlers, Children and Young People at NPAS will help in the healthy development of your special individual as a fantastic, involved and confident member of the society in which they live.


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