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Summer Dance School: What can NPAS offer to children as a top summer dance and drama school?

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Summer Dance School

Summer Dance school at Npas. The NPAS summer dance and drama school has a lot to offer in terms of Dance styles and Drama technique. Your child’s eyes will be opened to several dance styles that they never tried before such as ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz and hip-hop.

Your child’s confidence will improve and they will leave everyday with a big smile on their face. Each day of the summer school will offer something new to learn such as performance techniques and how to draw the audience in. In terms of drama your child will do improve exercises, stage directions, script work and how to develop a character.

The teachers are very skilled and kind. They will listen to your child’s ideas and show them how to improve them. Every child’s creative voice will be heard. The teachers will cater for all students in the class so if your child is a beginner or has danced and acted their whole life they will learn new things and have fun. At the end of the week your child will get to perform every piece they learnt during the week to you and other parents. This will give them a taster for what the Olympia show are like. Summer dance school classes.

The summer school will show them what the classes during the year are like and it gives them the opportunity to try all the classes. Along with dance and drama experience your child will make lots of new friends and improve their communications skills. No child is ever left out at the summer school or the classes during the year.

The children will participate in group work and games and the groups will be changed everyday. Making friends at the summer school ensures that when they walked into the classes in September they will know everyone! The summer school is the best thing to get your child to do during the summer holidays. They will learn so much more singing, dancing and acting then just sitting at home. Summer dance school


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