NPAS Exams and Dance Awards 2022

It’s almost Exam Time at NPAS. Remember, our exams are always Fun and help to build confidence and let you know how GREAT you are. It is a way of seeing how well you have done during the school year and how amazing we think you all are! The dates and info. are as follows (notes for the fridge door will be handed out with times and dates)!


Musical Theatre Exams are during your class time on Saturday 21st May


Dance Awards are during your class time on Saturday 21st May


Drama Exams: Sunday 22nd May


Time:(times will be given out to each student)

Please allow 30 mins for the exam for Junior & Intermediates and 60 mins for Seniors.

Drop off & pick up at front door of the Lir (not the Green Room Door)

Results ,Certificates /Medals will be given out in September 2022 in class.

Email info@npas.ie or call 018944660 if you need to on the day.


There are additional rehearsals for each Musical Theatre Class on Sunday 15th of May. Times will be given to each student this weekend.