“New Writings” Project

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with Eamon Farrell and Devin Reardon

NPAS is happy to announce a new project called “New Writing” It is an exciting writing project to engage our students to write in class and at home, getting their creative muscles flexing in and out of class! We encourage our students to bring their writing ideas to life with NPAS!

We want to hear our students’ stories and writing ideas whether they are 3 words or 300 pages. The students can sign up online or in-class, and will work with our teachers in a fun workshop setting in class, to be turned into short written documents–whether that’s scripts, monologues, stories, or even full-length screenplays. We are encouraging our students to WRITE!

Students can work in class in an improv-theatre based class to workshop their ideas, and let them grow, or work remotely. We encourage our students of the past, present, and new to participate. We want to hear their ideas whether real, made up, long-winded, or short.

Finally, NPAS will take these wonderful stories and compile them into a book, a collection of the brilliance of our students and a way to look back on the great things to come from these times. We want to make the best out of the experiences of the past two years, and encourage our students to believe in their own voices.

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