NPAS Sing, Dance and Act at Home!! #npasathome

Welcome back to our school in your Home! We are really hoping that we will get back to school to start Term 3 on Sunday the 19th of April, but until we do we will continue to send you interesting and fun ways to keep Dancing, Singing and Acting along with us! Skype your pals, video yourself doing the classes, post to our instagram and social media. Let us know what you’d like to see. Use the hashtag #NPASatHome, and we can connect online with as many of our students as possible!

We really do miss you all  – be safe and happy, remember your social distancing and please keep washing your hands.

Jill and Eamon and EVERYONE at NPAS


Eamon's Musical Theatre Challenge 1


    1.     Les Miserables
    2.     Idina Menzel
    3.     Lea Salonga
    4.     Paris
    5.     Cinderella, Prince Charming, The Witch, The Baker, The Baker’s Wife,               The Giant, The Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Jack, The Wicked         Stepmother
    6.     Grizabella
    7.     My Fair Lady
    8.     Julie Andrews
    9.     Colin Farrell
    10.    Rent
    11.    Jesse Buckley
    12.    Blood Brothers
    13.    Diana Ross
    14.    Chicago
    15.    Hamilton
    16.    Rent
    17.    Our Neighbour, The Bord Gais Energy Theatre
    18.    The Olympia Theatre
    19.    Clodagh Smith Forde
    20.    The Musical ‘& Juliet’

    Well done everyone – I hope you looked up some of the Musicals and learned about some fabulous shows you may never have heard of! We will have another quiz really soon 🙂


Well done to Juliette, and everyone else who sent in some fabulous poems. We love to see how creative you are. You’re all amazing!
This week I would like you to click the link below and see which poems you like. There are lots of choices from the Irish board of Speech and Drama.
Learn one off and we can hear them when we get back to class! After getting such fantastic results in your recent Drama Exams I know you are all well able for them!

Click Here to learn a new Poem for Drama Class


Greetings to all our ballet students from Marian, Jenny and Emma,
We are all missing teaching and dancing with you but hopefully we will be back together soon. In the meantime here are some helpful ways to keep all our Ballerinas engaged in their ballet classes.

On YouTube type in RAD and your grade and you can follow some helpful videos of your grade. You can Click on the links below for some classes and some fabulous performances from The Royal Opera House.

Fun classes for the younger age group are available at
Just Dance on YouTube. All the family can join in!

Stay safe stay healthy and keep dancing.

Marian Lennon
Head of Ballet NPAS

Senior Students - English National Ballet Class - Click Here

Royal Ballet Day - Dance Class with Royal Ballet - Click Here

Royal Opera House - Put Dance on YouTube - Click Here

"Wash and Go" Susan Farrelly's latest Hit Single!

Colouring in Challenge

Print off this picture which is the front of the Show Script. Colour it in and then send us a photo of your work! We will then post them on our Social Media!!

@npas_dublinNPAS challenges you to do the Say So dance! Tag us and 3 friends & we’ll share our favorite one!##saysodancechallenge ##bewhoyouwanttobe ##fyp♬ Say So – Doja Cat

Tik Tok Challenge

NPAS challenges you to do the “Say So” Dance on Tiktok! We had fun doing our first tiktok, Follow us @npasdublin. We want to see your own version of the “Say So” dance – make it original! Tag us and use the hashtag #NPASatHome and we’ll share our favourites! We love TikToks at the school, tag us in your faves!!


Enjoy these challenges Everyone! We will be sending lots more to keep you rehearsing and practicing at home. Remember practice really does make perfect – and you are all brilliant, so these tasks should be fun for you! Again, share them with friends, do them together on Skype or Facetime – keep your social distance! And sign up to our social media and share. Sharing is caring, & at this time caring and kindness really are most important!

Use the new hashtag #NPASatHome to join us!
We will be back with more challenges and fun next Saturday.
Keep Being who You Want to Be!

SEO Dublin