"When Sally met Harry" - OLYMPIA SHOW 2020

Olympia Theatre Sunday 17th May 2020

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    Dress Rehearsal  Monday 4th May (Bank Holiday) at The Lir

    Show Rehearsal Day – Saturday 16th May at The Olympia Theatre, Dame Street.

    Times will be allocated at a later date and will be available here. There will be no classes at The Lir or St. Matthews on the weekend of the show.

    Show Day – Sunday 17th May Matinee & Evening Shows at The Olympia Theatre, Dame Street.


    Show Costume and Rehearsal fee

    This years Show fee includes costumes, additional rehearsals, dress rehearsal day and other associated costs.The show fee can be paid to your online account, at reception or by calling the office. The fees are:

    Students taking 1 class 35 euro
    Students taking 2 classes 65 euro
    Students taking 3 classes 85 euro
    Students taking 4 classes 100 euro.

    We would be very grateful if you could pay this fee by Saturday 21st of March. Tickets for the show will go on sale on Saturday 14th and will ONLY be available from NPAS @ the Lir on Saturday & Sundays.
    Many Thanks.

    Pay now

  • Recalls List for When Sally met Harry

    RECALLS for Sunday 8th March



    Adamson Molly 10.30am
    Baugh Daithi 10.30am
    Bolton Deborah 10.30am
    Boud Megan 10.30am
    Boyle Anna 10.30am
    Bradshaw Tadhgh 10.30am
    Burke Kitty 10.30am
    Cahill Aoife 10.30am
    Campbell Bernardo Martin 10.30am
    Campbell Bernardo Sofia C 10.30am
    Clancy Jude 10.30am
    Coyle Alice Kate 10.30am
    Crowley Evan 10.30am
    Cullen Faye 10.30am
    Curran Olivia 10.30am
    Daluz Jemima 10.30am
    Dandy Ava 11am
    Deegan Maya 11am
    Deegan Nicole 11am
    Deere Aaron 11am
    Dixon Darren 11am
    Doherty Giulia 11am
    Donnelly Juliette 11am
    Dooley Julianna 11am
    Doyne Fearne 11am
    Dunne Libby 11am
    Dunne Ruby 11am
    Fahy Caroline 11am
    Farrelly Romey 11am
    Fearon Sam 11.30am
    Fields Darcey 11.30am
    Fitzpatrick Lucy Mae 11.30am
    Foley Molly Mae 11,30am
    Foley Sean 11.30am
    Folleras Lily 11.30am
    Gall Donald 11.30am
    Gallagher Sophie 11,30am
    Gavin Emilie 11.30am
    Goulding Áine 11.30am
    Gray Flynn 11.30am
    Guy Amy 11.30am
    Hanlon Alice 11.30am
    Haur Amelia 11.30am
    Hennigan Cleo 12pm
    Hennigan Rufus 12pm
    Herbert Matthew 12pm
    Hodgkins Byrne Isacc 12pm
    Hodgkins Byrne Tómas 12pm
    Hopkins Emma 12pm
    Hughes Daniel 12pm
    Hurley O’Dwyer Juliette 12pm
    Jones Madison 12pm
    Keelan Anna 12pm
    Kenny Ruby 12pm
    Keogh Grace 12pm
    Keown Jack 12pm
    Knowles Claudia 12pm
    Lawlor Grace 12pm
    Leech Oscar 12.30pm
    Levi Lawlor Maui 12.30pm
    Lonergan James 12.30pm
    Lonergan Xavier 12.30pm
    Mahato Aayushi 12.30pm
    Malone Sophie 12.30pm
    Matthews Rosa 12.30pm
    Mousley Sophie 12.30pm
    McDougal Amber 12.30pm
    McManus Sophie 12.30pm
    McMorrow Issy 12.30pm
    McNally Andrew 12.30pm
    McNally Sinead 12.30pm
    Meijer Ava 12.30pm
    Merry Zack 12.30pm
    Mitchell Ella 1pm
    Moore Sebastian 1pm
    Murphy Saorla 1pm
    Nkosi Thembisile 1pm
    O’Connell Abbey 1pm
    O’Connell Ella 1pm
    O’Kane Astrid 1pm
    O’Neill Ryan 1pm
    Oman Carenza 1pm
    Oonk Juliana 1pm
    Patel Aashi 1pm
    Plant Charlie 1pm
    Prnjavorac Alannah 1pm
    Quick Thomas Casper 1pm
    Reilly Oisin 1pm
    Robert Vivienne 1pm
    Ruscio Charlotte 1.30pm
    Ruscio Emilia 1.30pm
    Ryan Aaron 1.30pm
    Ryan Aoife 1.30pm
    Ryan Casper 1.30pm
    Sheehan Emmeline 1.30pm
    Simpson Freya 1.30pm
    Stapleton Mimi 1.30pm
    Stapleton Pippa 1.30pm
    Stevens Anna 1.30pm
    Tavishi Mishra 1.30pm
    Tiernan Amelie Rose 1.30pm
    Tiernan Elliot 1.30pm
    Tiernan Jackson 1.30pm
    Torkomya Micah 1.30pm
    Tormey Alana 1.30pm
    Walsh Isabella 1.30pm
    Walsh Rachel 1.30pm
    Whelan Caitlin 1.30pm
    Whelan Jack 1.30pm
    Whelan Joe 1.30pm
    Whelan Eva 1.30pm
    Weadick Mia 1.30pm
    Wilson Amilie 1.30pm
    Wilson Juliet 1.30pm
  • Recalls Info for When Sally met Harry

    Recalls for The Olympia Show

    “When Sally Met Harry”


    Recall time is after your name. Recalls are on Sunday 8th March at The Lir. If you get a lead role in The Show you need to be available for Sunday Rehearsals and for Rehearsals on the week of Tuesday 14th of April to Friday 17th April. You must also be available for The Dress Rehearsal Day Monday on 4th of May at The Lir, and for Technical Rehearsal Day on Saturday 16th May at the Olympia Theatre. The two shows are on Sunday 17th of May.



    Please prepare ONE of the following pieces for your Recall Audition



    Dance:             A Dance piece to the song ‘Everybody’ by Back Street Boys




    Singing:           “As Long as You Love Me” by Back Street Boys


    Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine

    I’m leavin’ my life in your hands

    People say I’m crazy and that I am blind

    Risking it all in a glance

    And how you got me blind is still a mystery

    I can’t get you out of my head

    Don’t care what is written in your history

    As long as you’re here with me


    I don’t care who you are

    Where you’re from

    What you did

    As long as you love me

    Who you are

    Where you’re from

    Don’t care what you did

    As long as you love me




    Drama:            Prepare ONE the Following Monologues


    Monologue One


    ” When Sally met Harry? A story of star crossed lovers from different sides of the tracks… the Dart tracks. Something so simple and yet so vast, the lives they would lead would cast them against each other, not knowing that they really were meant to be together. But can they be together. Can they overcome what we, unwittingly as an audience, put in their way. The barriers? Our own expectations? The insurmountable odds? Will their story be a comedy or a tragedy, or just maybe a little bit of both?




    Monologue Two


    “Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Bayside Dart Station, where we lay our scene.


    From societal grudge, we will break to new unity, where public transport can often make civil hands unclean.


    A vision like no other, a son, a father, a daughter, a mother… all wait, and wait, and wait..


    The train is late!!

  • Auditions

    We are delighted to announce that the first round of Auditions for this years Show at The Olympia Theatre will be on Sunday 16th February at The Lir Academy Grand Canal Dock. The Auditions are open to anyone who attends any of our schools aged 7 – 20 years. The auditions are for lead rolls in the Show. At this first round you can sing a verse and chorus of ANY song, perform a dramatic poem or piece of prose or perform a solo dance piece. Please choose one piece that best suits your abilities. The Auditions are split into two age groups. 7-11 years can book into a half hour time slot between 11am and 2pm, and 12-20 years can book in between 2pm and 5pm. Please book at Reception or by calling The Office. We will open online booking for Auditions next Week.

    Auditions are a great time to show what you can do. They are always a very positive and fun event at our school, and we advise everyone interested to take part. We are very proud of you all!

  • Cast
  • Rehearsals for All Lead Characters

    Dress Rehearsal is Monday 4th May (Bank Holiday Monday) at The Lir.

    More details to follow

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