Performance Art Classes at NPAS. What We Can Teach Your Children.

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NPAS Performance Art Classes:

There are so many performance art classes to chose from at NPAS that it sometimes gets confusing. The list of classes which we provide at The National Performing Arts
School can be broken down into Drama, Dance, Ballet, Singing and Musical Theatre.


Drama class is one of our most popular performance art classes at the school. We always suggest to young people who are looking to build confidence to take a class in Drama.

Drama class also provides young people and children with experience and competence in public speaking and performance. The benefits of Drama class are numerous and exciting. Drama class is fun and powerful.

Performance Art Classes, Drama


Dance classes at our school are the best fun you can ever have! We have classes in Jazz, Tap Dance, Hip Hop and Contemporary Dance.

All classes are taught by a highly trained member of the NPAS team and we would invite new students to sign up for a class and join the NPAS experience!


Our Ballet school is amazing! We offer exam classes with The Royal Academy of Dance, a worldwide organisation which provides the highest standards in Ballet Training.

The classes are divided into graded and age appropriate groups, starting a Preschool and Creative Ballet and working up to Grade 8 and Professional Qualifications.

All staff members of our Ballet School are trained to teach the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus, and are former professional dancers.

Ballet is the back bone of our school and we suggest to anyone interested in being a dance to take Ballet Class. Ballet provides Dancers with a language and
our classes teach our students that language.

Performance Arts Classes, Ballet


Singing is a class which ties everything else together.

Many, many students compliment their Dance and Drama classes with a Singing Class. These small group classes provide a basis for vocal training and help our students build
confidence in their vocal abilities.

These classes are like our miniature version of a Rock School. You’ll love this class!

Musical Theatre:

Our Musical Theatre classes are like a huge and high energy Broadway experience within your weekly class.

Musical Theatre provides a training in a combination of Dance, Drama and Singing covering pieces from the latest West-End and Broadway Musicals.

This class is very popular and instills in students a love for all things Musical.

Many past pupils have gone on to star in both professional and amateur musicals , but all past pupils go on to love Theatre and Musicals.


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As Dublin, and Ireland’s Number 1 Performing Arts School, the original and the
best, we offer something for everyone in Dance, Drama or Singing classes!.