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September 2020 and ongoing

At NPAS, we are focused on creating an experience that is safe, educational and fun for every Student. The health and safety of our students and employees is always our highest priority.

Our comprehensive program of Being SAFE @ NPAS has introduced new health and safety standards aimed at helping to keep students and employees safe while minimising or negating any risks of the spread of COVID-19. It includes bolstered hygiene protocols to meet or exceed best-practice guidelines of the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and the Health and Service Executive (HSE).


Section 1 – Before returning to class on Booking

Each week before class please go through the following Safety Questions. If you answer Yes to any of the questions at anytime before class please keep the student home from class.

1. Has the student any symptoms of cough, fever, high temperature, sore throat, runny nose, breathlessness or flu like symptoms now or in the past 14 days?

2. Has the student been diagnosed with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection in the last 14 days?

3. Has the student been in close contact with a person who is a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days (i.e. less than 2 metres for more than 15 minutes altogether in 1 day)?

4. Have any of your family been advised by a doctor to self-isolate at this time?

5. Have any of your family been advised by a doctor to cocoon at this time?

6. Any student who answers yes to any of the above question should stay home from class.

* If you are unsure whether or not you are in an at-risk category, please contact your GP. If you would like to talk to us about Safety at NPAS please contact the office.


Section 2 – SAFE @ NPAS Policy Statement

NPAS is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our students, customers and staff. To ensure that, we have developed the following COVID-19 Response Plan. All managers, supervisors and workers are responsible for the implementation of this plan and a combined effort will help contain the spread of the virus.

At NPAS We will:

• continue to monitor our COVID-19 response and amend this plan in consultation with our our staff, students and renting facilities management.

• provide up to date information to our workers on the Public Health advice issued by the HSE and Gov.ie

• ensure that every venue have displayed information on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and correct hand-washing techniques

• provide an adequate number of trained COVID workers who are easily identifiable and put in place a reporting system

• inform all students and staff of essential hygiene and respiratory etiquette and physical distancing requirements

• make sure all rental facilities adapt the workplace to facilitate physical distancing

• keep a contact log to help with contact tracing through class rolls

• have all workers undergo an induction / familiarisation briefing

• develop a procedure to be followed in the event of someone showing symptoms of COVID-19 while at work or in the workplace

• provide instructions for workers to follow if they develop signs and symptoms of COVID-19 during work

• intensify cleaning / hygiene in line with government advice

All staff will be consulted on an ongoing basis and feedback is encouraged on any concerns, issues or suggestions.

This can be done through the Worker Representative Jill Doyle & Eamon Farrell


Section 3 – Responsible Persons for Performing Tasks

We have identified suitably trained person to help with ensuring that the plan is implemented and checklists are completed. At NPAS these people are Jill Doyle & Eamon Farrell/

NPAS staff take responsibility for carrying out tasks such as:

The use of checklists to identify any areas for improvement with regular checks to ensure the plan is being implemented. We will also review risk assessment procedures and the safety statement. Our trained staff will insure that there is renewal of statutory certification where needed training. The COVID trained managers will also detail to staff emergency procedures and first aid and brief all staff on the tasks and their responsibilities.


Section 4 – Venue Safety measures

Parents will have to drop and collect from outside the school building, at the front door. Parents / Guardians will not be allowed into the building.

Drop off and collection times are exact due the safe movement of children and young people

Attendance depends on answering no each week to all of the above Covid related questions

Payments for Courses is online by credit card.

Please ensure the student has a snack and some water in their own bottle.drinking fountains will not be available

Please ensure that the student has suitable clothing for dance class, correct forward, and that they have suitable clothing for the school yard as there will be a break when we will take some fresh air.

Please ensure that your child is aware of the requirements for hand hygiene, sneezing and coughing etiquette and that they are aware of social distancing.

All of the information on COVID 19 Personal and Group Etiquette is available at www.gov/ur/covid19 Please take a look at the site and talk through it’s appropriate contents with your child.

We realise that there is so much new in this changed world which is hard for little people to take in.

We will be trying to make the experience at NPAS as Happy as always but we will be adhering to all government and health guidelines in a very strict fashion. Our first priority is the safety of our Students, their families and our Staff. Than you for your understanding and let’s all stay SAFE @ NPAS


All students over the age of 12 will have to wear a mask in class. You can get a brand new NPAS Mask from our online shop!

All classes will finish 5 minutes before the hour to enable us to AIR and sanitize the studio for the next class.


If you have any questions please contact the school on 01 8944660

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