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Term 3 starts next weekend Saturday 23rd March. Term fess are now due.

‘NPAS at 25 – Be Who U Want 2 Be!”
The Olympia Theatre Saturday 18th of May 2019

Tickets are now on sale for our end of year show ‘NPAS at 25 – Be Who U Want 2 Be’. You can buy tickets at reception at The Lir on Saturdays between 9am and 7pm. The reason we sell the tickets ourselves is to save our clients the service charge that is charged on each tickets. A family ticket of 4 is €90 and an individual ticket is €26. This price includes the Restoration Levy of €1 for The Olympia Theatre which is charged at every event.

The List of classes and which show they are in, as well as all information relating to the show is available at our website under the SHOW SECTION.

‘NPAS at 25 – Be Who U Want 2 Be!”

We have a very limited number of parts for young actors and singers in the show. All students will be with their classes, but a number of small parts are available as follows:

The auditions will be on Saturday 23rd March at The Lir Academy on Pearse Street at the following times, and in the following age groups.

6-13 years Girl and Boy Actors – Auditions from 2pm – 3pm Drama Piece Only
14-18 years Male and Female Singers – Auditions from 6pm – 7pm Singing Piece Only

Students must be available for full day rehearsals on Saturday April 27th, May 6th, May 11th and May 18th. For the singing audition please learn a verse and chorus of the song ‘Come What May’ from the Musical and Moulin Rouge. For the Acting Audition for 6-13 year olds please learn by heart the following Piece.


“I’ve always dreamed of being a hero. I’ve tried everything to become super.  I let a spider bite me… no spider powers; just lots of itching.  I tried standing too close to the microwave oven hoping the radiation would change me.  Nothing.  And I got in trouble for making so many bags of popcorn.  But I took it all to school and had a popcorn party.  I was a hero that day. So I guess it kinda worked.”

Thanks everyone, and good luck!!

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