The National Performing Arts School (NPAS) Terms and Conditions



All terms and conditions listed below apply to all of our activities be they regular term classes, out of school visits to theatres, short courses, Summer Camp, Easter Camp or After School Clubs. To become a student at our school a parent or guardian should consent to all of the following important Terms and Conditions.


    1. Our school operates under Children First National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children. The Guidelines are available to read at The TUSLA Child Protection Website www.tusla.ie


    1. NPAS operates a strict Anti-Bullying Policy. Bullying of teachers, staff or and NPAS staff member will result in a child or parent being asked to leave the school. The decision on such issues is final and is at the discretion of The Directors of NPAS.


    1. Enrolling in a school term in September means that you are enrolling for the school year of 30 weeks. This is a commitment to class which enables you and the school to get the most from the Academic Year.


    1. All Students, Parents and Clients are expected to show respect to their fellow students, themselves, teachers and NPAS staff at all times.


    1. Due to the new requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we request that all Parents and Guardians Sign up to receive Email AND Text Message Notifications from the school. We consider this an issue of child safety. You must click on the two boxes on your Easy Payment Plus (EPP) Account to activate this option. We cannot send you important information about term dates, class times, rehearsals and booking information if you do not do this.


    1. Every Student’s Easy Payments Plus Account must be activated. When your account is set up by us, or by yourself you will receive an email to activate the account. You MUST activate this by returning the attached email to enable us to contact you. Again, this is a GDPR regulation and we can not activate your account for you.


    1. All fees should be paid at least 2 weeks in advance of term starting. As each term starts all space in classes becomes available. To guarantee your place you should book in as soon as booking for each term is available, you will be notified of this by email or by watching the school website. Classes usually become available at the end of July for Term 1, the end of November for Term 2 and the end of March for Term 3.


    1. Fees can be paid using your Easy Payments Plus Account when booking. You can also pay by Credit Card, Laser or cheque in person at our schools, or by credit or laser card over the phone.


    1. NPAS must be made aware by email or in writing of any medical conditions, special needs or allergies a child or young person may have. Please ensure that this is done before they attend class. Our staff need to be aware of any issues relating to use of epipens, inhalers or any diabetic requirements.


    1. Students attending a ‘trial’ class will pay 15 euro for that class. If they decide to take a place in that class the 15 euro fee will come off the term fee.


    1. The availability of ‘Trial Classes’ and spaces in classes is at the discretion of NPAS teachers and staff.


    1. All of our teachers have completed the Tusla Child First E-Learning Programme and are Garda Vetted. If they become aware of any unacceptable behavior from Students whilst attending the school they will make The Directors aware and we will inform Parents, Guardians or TUSLA of any concerns we may have.


    1. Respect from Parents and Guardians towards all members of NPAS staff is expected at all times. We are a school for children and young people and a happy, pleasant and harmonious atmosphere is what we strive for at all times.


    1. Our NPAS Child Safeguarding, and our Privacy Policy Document relating to your information and the GDPR Regulations, are both available at our website under the ABOUT US section.


    1. Refunds for courses already started are at the discretion of the School Directors. Once a place has been taken in class it is a place which another student could have had. It is therefore important that students and parents realise that taking a place in class in committing to be an NPAS student for the school year. We will of course attempt to move students around to classes which may be more suitable for them if that is an issue.


    1. Classes are paid for by Term, and not by number of classes attended. If a student misses class, which we always hope they will not, they will not be due any refund for missed classes.


    1. Term Dates, Class Times, Fees and all other information regarding NPAS  and the operation of the school is available at our website www.npas.ie. The website is constantly updated and is a fabulous resource. We advise students and teachers to have a look at it on a regular basis.


    1. NPAS owns all of the rights, title and interest in and to its website, all text, photos, timetables and media and its trade marks and Logos.


    1. Students participate in class at their own risk and teachers or administration staff must be informed of any existing illness or medical condition in writing / by email.


    1. Please bring all personal belongings to class with you. We have a lost property box but the school cannot be held responsible for an items lost or misplaced during class time.


    1. NPAS may at any time refuse a Student, Parent or Guardian entry to any NPAS facility.


    1. NPAS reserves the right to make changes to our timetable and term dates. We will notify all relevant parties with appropriate notice. This once again demonstrates the importance of being on our mailing and texting lists.


    1. All Students and Young People must be collected ontime after each class. Junior students will not be allowed to leave the school without being collected by an Adult. Any parent who is delayed can call the school and we will of course mind the student until they are collected.


    1. During Class NPAS may take photographs or Video of students for in house use. These images or videos will NEVER be used by us for anything other than NPAS purposes and will remain the sole property of NPAS. Please let us know in writing if you do not consent to this. Due to the nature of our school and the performing arts this is an element of what it means to be a student at our school.


    1. Membership of the NPAS Agency is at the sole discretion of the Directors of the NPAS. The decision to send Students who are suitable for an audition is also at our discretion. Please read the Terms and Conditions and information about our Agency at the websites About Us – Agency Section.



    Please remember that when your child or young person joins NPAS they are becoming a student of our school and should comply with all of our terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions are for the safety and protection of our Students , Staff and Parents and to ensure the smooth running of The NPAS.


    Thank you so much for being a part of School.

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