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The 3Olympia Theatre is Booked for May 2023!

Auditions for the Olympia Show at The Lir on Sunday 27th November!!

The end-of-year Show will be in The Olympia Theatre on Saturday 27th May. ALL classes are in the show except for Singing for Toddlers, and Dalkey. Dalkey will have their own show in The Pavilion Theatre. We would love our Dalkey and Castleknock Students’ to come in to Lir on 27th for the Photoshoot and to Auditions. Auditions are on the same day as The Agency Photoshoot and you can do both. Just book in through your Easy Payments Plus Account. These auditions are a GREAT experience with our super friendly staff, and are for LEAD roles. There are only a handful of lead roles, so be ready with your Song, piece of Drama, or Dance. Dress up, stand out and go for it!! You are all brilliant.

You can choose any Drama piece, or Poem, any Song and / or a Dance!!

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