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19th November, 2021

Dear Students and Parents,

This newsletter and booking information is going to our most highly valued clients first – YOU! Please be aware that your place in class is held for you for Term 2, but you must go to your account and book in. Once again in Term 2 classes will be smaller so it is more important than ever to book early.

As you may be aware the current Government and NPHET Guidelines for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre schools are very strict. We have done so well in the school following all safety guidelines with ventilation in Studios, mask wearing, hand hygiene and social distancing. We must also thank any of our students and teachers who were not feeling well throughout Term for staying home – keep up the good work! We will continue into Term 2 following all Health and Safety Guidelines and our SAFE @ NPAS rules (link below). Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre was a great success this last Term. The Centre’s two fabulous brand new studios have been fantastic for us, and we hope to build on what we have started there.

We love our school, and we really hope that you will be a part of NPAS into 2022! We are also continuing to work very hard in the background on our return to our home of almost 30 years – The Factory on Barrow Street. We are so grateful to each and every one of you who has attended our school over the last term. We hope to see you back with us very, very soon!

Kindest Regards agus Sláinte.

Jill Doyle A.L.S.M.                                          Eamon Farrell B.A. (Hons) Psych.
Director                                                           Director
NPAS                                                              NPAS

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Helpful Information and Dates

–   Classes finish for Term 1 in Castleknock on Monday 29th Nov. Dalkey finish on the 11th December and Classes in Ringsend and The Lir finish on 4th  December

–   Classes start back for Term 2 in Castleknock 10th January, in Dalkey on 8th January, and also Ringsend and The Lir on 8th January

–   Smaller classes so PLEASE book early to avoid being disappointed

–   Junior School Classes now with some NEW combination classes

–   SAFE @ NPAS our safety document ensures the safest classes possible

–   Click the links below to sign up for our Social Media – always be NPAS up to date!

–   Call the office 8944660 or email us to discuss your class choices and options.

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All About The NPAS Agency

The NPAS Agency, which started life 30 years ago in Digges Lane, the original Dance Centre, is still an integral and important part of our school. The NPAS Agency represents our students in Film, Theatre, Television and Modelling work. Our school is contacted regularly by Casting Agents and Directors and we will source suitable students for various projects. If we decide to send a student to an audition, we will get in touch with the child’s parents / guardians and discuss the brief for the particular project. If they decide to allow their child attend the audition, and if the student is successful, The NPAS Agency will look after contracts, chaperones and any other requirements there are relating to the project. We will charge a commission of 15%. This is inline with common practice. All photos taken in Agency Photoshoots will be kept securely on file, and may be used by us in castings. Our Agency has always been a popular source of talent, with many of our students appearing in successful television, film and advertising campaigns.

Next Agency Photoshoot in January 2022!

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