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We miss the performing arts! Our students, teachers and NPAS Families miss NPAS!  Zoom is working for many schools in our community FOR NOW but we all need to be in our studios, halls, spaces and rooms! Children across the country need the performing arts just as much as sports, our children need to sing dance and have space to express themselves and do what they love! Performing arts needs to be recognised this way in Ireland. Thank you to Performing Arts Educators Ireland who are doing incredible work uniting all the schools, building a community and fighting for answers for us! The arts could not be more important in times like these.
Please share this video and head over to PAEI to support their work!
We will be back together again ~ but for now we are doing what we can, where we can!
Music by the incredible Broadway
Star Lea Salonga for her #lsdreamagain campaign

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