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“A Wizard Calls” Olympia Show

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Dear Students, Parents and Friends,

It’s Showtime at NPAS! Our new Show, ‘A Wizard Calls’, starring all the students of NPAS will be on at The Olympia Theatre on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of May 2017. This is a huge undertaking for our Students and for the school and we are very excited for you to see everything that we have all been working on for the year. Following incredible auditions, and the casting of the show we are now ready to let you know which show each class is in.


At the Show Class Info section below you will find a chart which contains all the information you need to know which Show all the children and young people of NPAS are in. The chart is very easy to read – it is divided into 4 Shows, a Matinee 3pm Show and Evening 7.30pm Show on Saturday 20th May, and a Matinee 3pm Show and Evening 7.30pm Show on Sunday The 21st. Many classes are in more than one Show, which our students always think is a huge bonus, with a number of classes being in all 4 Shows this year. Once you have used the chart to work out which classes are in which Show you you can then buy tickets from us at The Lir Academy on Saturdays only from NPAS Reception throughout term. You can also call the NPAS office midweek on 018944660.


The reason we do not sell tickets through the usual outlets, Ticketmaster etc. is because there is a charge per ticket by each of the Agencies and we are trying to keep the cost for everyone involved down – this may enable you to see more than one Show!! This year tickets are priced at €24 each plus a €1 restoration fee for The Olympia Theatre which is charged by The Olympia on all ticket sales, making each ticket €25. There is a great value Family ticket for 2 Children and 2 Adults priced at €80 plus a €4 restoration fee for The Olympia Theatre, making a total of €84. Tickets are only available each Saturday from NPAS at The Lir, or by calling the office on 018944660 Tuesday to Saturday.


This is a very exciting time for us all at NPAS. All the planning and work by the students and staff will be on display at The Olympia in May and we are sure you will love ‘A Wizard Calls’ when you get to see it.

Thanks for being part of our School!

Kindest Regards

Jill Doyle and Eamon Farrell

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