Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop

Sunday 20th January 2019

The LIR  Academy

6 to 11yrs

11:30am to 1230pm

12yrs +
1:00pm to 2:00 pm

Yoga for Children:
Yoga classes for children help to promote the healthy development of their minds and bodies. The
stretching and strengthening techniques used in yoga are an ideal way for children to grow flexible
and strong. More than this yoga teaches self-awareness, builds concentration, increases confidence
and self-image and provides a space for them to feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group. Yoga
also provides the opportunity to develop techniques that will serve them throughout their life in
managing stress and developing inner calm. Through a mixture of simple exercises, animal poses,
meditation and game playing a yoga class is fun and engaging.


Yoga Hacks for Exam Students:
This yoga and mindfulness workshop is an introduction to yoga techniques to manage stress,
improve concentration and focus, develop better sleep patterns and increase energy for young
people preparing for exams. Using breathing techniques, yoga asanas and mindfulness it will provide
a space for them to integrate this learning into their preparations for exams and will introduce them
to practical tools to work through difficulties by engaging with their bodies and minds in a new way.

More info available from NPAS Reception at The Lir on Saturdays or Call the office on 018944660