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Over the last 23 years the National Performing Arts School has been fortunate enough to see thousands of talented and creative young people pass through our doors at The Factory. Several of our past pupils have gone on to pursue hugely successful Music, Theatre, Television and Film careers but that is not what our school is about. Every single child and young person who has attended our school has fond and cherished memories of their time with us. The school is not about being famous. It’s about creating a place for everyone to fit in, develop and grow. We do not teach children and young people to be professional actors, singers and dancers, although this often happens! Rather we use acting, singing and dancing as a way to develop happy and confident young people. This often leads to our most prized purpose – to instill in children and young people a true love of The Arts which will stay with them for the rest of their lives

The building which has been our Home – The Factory – is of special interest both culturally and historically in the story of the Irish Artistic Community over the last quarter of a century. Put simply, it’s like nowhere else in the country. It has been a rehearsal space for the Bolshoi Ballet and Riverdance as well as U2 world tours and recordings. It has played host to leading writers and producers, international acting stars like Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy, Saoirse Ronan and Jack Reynor and seen recordings by David Bowie and Britney Spears. Currently being redeveloped as part of a fabulous new City Quarter at Grand Canal Dock, the Factory will shortly reemerge as a state of the Art Facility, and provide the school with a vibrant, exciting and creative future.

“The NPAS @ The Factory Ethos can be summed up by our commitment to the power of the Arts to support a persons overall holistic development which in turn supports the growth of strong and supportive communities. There are no Arts without community and no community without Arts. NPAS is about feeling IN and never Feeling OUT”

Jill Doyle and Eamon Farrell, Directors @ NPAS

Eamon Farrell Jnr, Minister Heather Humpreys, Minister Kevin Humphreys, Jill Doyle

L-R, Eamon Farrell Jnr, Minister Heather Humphreys, Minister Kevin Humphreys, Jill Doyle.

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"I love the passion and committment that is there at NPAS and you can see how much the children love coming to the school, from Dance & Drama to Musical Theatre & Ballet The NPAS give children the opportunity to shine. And I want to commemd Eamon and Jill for their vision and determination"

Heather Humphreys TD Minister for The Arts Heritage & Gaeltacht

The most important thing is that you enjoy it. That's what NPAS is about and why my time there was so important...

Colin Farrell- Actor & Past Student

I must say that is the best place for children to build confidence, make friends, develop skills and have fun!!! There is no place like NPAS!

Ana Paula Gouvea Horan, mother of Luana, Giovanna and Aman

For me I would say Npas has been my kids Saturday home for 11 years and in that time they have evolved from shy quite children to confident independent and self assured children! What they have gained and experienced is priceless!

Amanda Dawson-Parent

SEO Dublin