NPAS Show 2023

"The Magical Mystery Museum"

The Magical Mystery Museum is The National Performing Arts School’s 15th Production at The 3Olympia Theatre, and one which is full of surprises. We are delighted to be back at the theatre where hundreds of young people over the last almost 30 years have made their own magic memories. And magical memories are what Mary, our lead character, will bring us on a journey through. As we make our own way back towards our home, The Factory, we will discover another magical and mysterious place, full of creativity, friendships and even some romance, in this museum which is like no other!

Summer 2023

Summer Camps

Our Summer Camps have been running during July and August for almost 30 years. Each Summer we welcome Students who have been with us as well as lots of new Students to experience what the school has to offer. We often recommend that children and young people who are new to NPAS take a Summer Camp Course to see what classes the would like to do during the school year. The choices of camp stretch across everything NPAS has to offer. From Dance to Drama, and Musical Theatre to Film Making, there really is something for everyone.

Pavillion Show
DALKEY Show 2023

"Dance the Day Away"

End of Year Show:

This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to appear on the stage, as a performing arts school it is very exciting when parents, family and friends get to see how amazing our students are! We can’t wait for you to see the show!

Dance the Day Away with Hannah May Show in the Pavillion Theatre Dun Laoghaire.

Saturday the 10th of June, 3pm & 7.30pm.



For more than 30 years our Agency has always been a popular source of talent, with many of our students appearing in successful television, film and advertising campaigns.

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Studies have proven that children who take classes in performing arts have gained confidence and self-belief. It teaches us to explore our emotions, expand our imaginations and helps us to develop our own valued and unique voice. Whether it’s drama, dance or singing, we at NPAS truly believe and have seen time and time again over our 29 years, that engaging in the performing arts can benefit all areas of life!
We have past pupils all over the world in all sorts of careers, from Broadway stars to writers, directors, pilots, marketing, teachers, business and the list goes on and on and on!
Our office is open from 4-6 pm on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays!

New Writing 2020- 2022 now available on Amazon

Reflections on Lockdown, The Pandemic & Life by Students and Teachers of NPAS. A donation will be made to Childline for every copy sold. A PDF copy of the Book will be sent to all involved.

NPAS New Writing is a book of reflections and thoughts about our time at the school during Covid, Lockdowns & Classes on Zoom. From Songs to new plays, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


“Thanks so much NPAS,!!

I am delighted to have this book and read all the fantastic New Writing.
Jill’s piece ‘No Mask Today ‘ brought tears to my eyes and I’m still moved by it as I write this email! I haven’t read all the fantastic work yet, but am tremendously impressed by what i have read. I really think this is an important piece of work that documents the experiences of NPAS students and teachers during the strangest of times.
Thank You NPAS for being the fantastic school you are !  the value of the work that you do is immense . “
Rachel – a parent

The National Performing Arts School

Providing Performing Arts Classes to children of all ages and of all abilities for 29 years in Dublin.
“The NPAS Ethos can be summed up by our commitment to the power of the Arts to support a persons overall holistic development which in turn supports the growth of strong and supportive communities. There are no Arts without community and no community without Arts. NPAS is about feeling IN and never Feeling OUT”

Come join us for Dance, Drama, Musical Theatre, Ballet & more....


Dear Jill and Eamon,

I have been very busy over the past year with my leaving cert and moving to London for university.
I’m sorry I didn’t get to write this sooner.Thank you both so much for everything you have done for me throughout all my amazing years at NPAS. NPAS was a huge part of my life growing up. A part that I will cherish forever. I have so many wonderful memories when I think back to my time dancing and performing. You always made me feel welcome and encouraged me to do my best. Taking classes strengthened my confidence, communication skills and dancing technique. Every Saturday I looked forward to spending hours dancing and spending time with friends who shared the same passion as me. NPAS is a place where anyone is free to express themselves, a place of encouragement, creativity and fun. I miss it everyday. I have so many amazing things to look back on. Performing onstage, being on TV, flash mobs and so much more. All thanks to you. I hope everything is going well and I wish you all the best. Thank you for always supporting me.

Kind Regards,
Rebecca Hughes-Moore 🙂

Thanks NPAS team!!!

Those classes were a godsend!! Both Emma and Eva really looked forward to them every week and really enjoyed them! Unfortunately not the in-person 4 hour extravaganza of old but that hour every week made the world of difference…

Lovely idea giving the cert and write up!

Please pass on my thanks to both teachers!

Here’s to a more normal term next time (everything crossed).

Karen O

“I want to drop you guys this line about Louis’ 11am Musical Theatre class this morning.  My daughter  attended from our living room.

The class was fab and Louis’ energy was contiguous (even to me, from the kitchen). She had a great time and her 2 siblings, when they arrived home 10 mins before the end were agog with envy at what the class had built up to over the course of an hour.
 I know that it must be incredibly challenging to teach a bunch of kids online.  He really did a brilliant job and please pass along our commendations on how awesome we  think he is.
Obviously we would much much prefer to be having the class in person and are looking forward to when that will happen again. However one advantage of this is that I can see how the class unfolds and this insight is actually gorgeous.
Well done on creating a product that is just fabulous, in circumstances that are, to say the least, less than ideal.”
 Many thanks
L.  (A Parent)

“I just want to echo the lovely message on your website from another parent regarding the zoom classes.  To be honest I held some trepidation on whether the ballet class would translate via zoom especially as children can find it difficult to concentrate at times and given the potential for distraction at home.  I was privy to the class on Saturday afternoon (whilst in the kitchen, doing the laundry of course! money never sleeps :P), but what was emerging from the laptop, the energy and connection exuding from the teacher and how she engaged Lucy Mae and the other girls was amazing.  It is a sheer delight to witness the magic that unfolds in an NPAS class and even to see how it translates digitally.  A sincere well done to you all for navigating this difficult unpredictable time and for working so hard to maintain and provide a creative outlet that is so intrinsic for our kids during this time!”


With heart,


"The most important thing is that you enjoy it. That's what NPAS is about and why my time there was so important. The students are on their own individual journeys, whether it's through Dance, Drama, Singing or Acting ....
NPAS provides them with a fantastic outlet for it all."

Colin Farrell - Actor & Past Student