Our Scholarship Programme

Each year we offer 15 scholarships of a 1 hour long class in any of our disciplines.

To apply for a scholarship you should be resident in the Docklands, Ringsend & Irishtown areas.

Send us an email telling us what the school means to you in 200 words or less!!

Send to info@npas.ie

The closing date for this year is 20th August 2022.

Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm for NPAS.

The Factory Scholarship Programme
Over the last 30 years we have given out hundreds of Scholarships to come to classes at The Factory. Each year we contact local schools and community groups and gave out 15 scholarships to children and young people from The Docklands Area and 15 to children and young people from outside the area.
On top of these structured scholarships we gave out many more to families who came to us asking for help. We want to increase the ability to give out
scholarships in the future by looking for funding from many of the larger companies in the area. NPAS will continue to fund our own scholarships,
but we feel that there is huge scope to include many more children and young people from the area if there is a funding mechanism and programme in place.
Often it has been suggested that we run specific classes for children and young people from the Docklands, but we would find that exclusionary, and NPAS is inclusive of all people from from all areas.

"My child was offered a place in the NPAS summer camp through their scholarship programme . My child suffers from anxiety and lockdown has been hard. The week they spent at the camp was amazing for them & their confidence to renter the world. They loved all the dances & songs they did & you could see a beaming smile on the video of the Friday showcase. Thank you all in the NPAS family for your kindness & understanding and being such a safe space for those who need it"